Hello, I'm Madelaine!

I'm the owner/broker of Cherie Miller. I was raised by a broker (my mom)–so that means I started in the business at eight years old.

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Owner / Broker
Bre #01005011
Selling Since: 1988
Office: (760) 369 1800
Mobile: (760) 401 3374
About me

I was raised by a broker (my mom). I started in the business at eight years old, getting paid to get the phone message “just right.” Of course, that was in the days before answering machines. The red phone was for business calls only, so we called our friends on the green phone. Hmm, maybe, she was playing a more sophisticated game of red light - green with us? I started working in her office after school in 1978 and continued to work there on and off for 10 years. I got my real estate license in 1988 and have been selling real estate full-time ever since. I also succeessfully raised two beautiful daughters, my most important achievement, I’d say.


Selling homes!


I have a passion for traveling, so, when time allows, I’m an avid globetrotter.

What a resource to have
...when trying to understand what's really happening in a neighborhood! And the advice we got definitely made the difference in my bid being acceptance.
– Spencer H.

– Midge A.
Madelaine sold me my home 7 years ago. She was fun, super knowledgeable, and made the process of buying a home easy and pleasant every step of the way. She and her people work together like parts of a super well-oiled machine that gets the job done with grace and precision.
– Maya
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Bre #01005011
Office: (760) 369 1800
Mobile: (760) 401 3374
Selling Since: 1988

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